The Unofficial Red Superfood Powder Buying Guide

red superfood powder

The internets is lacking a definitive guide on how to compare and think about red food supplements.

The basic principles behind choosing a product aren’t all that different from greens powders, but you’re still confronted with new ingredients, different brands, and the omnipresent purple haze that surrounds supplements and their supposed health benefits.

So here’s a handy guide on navigating the waters.

Review: Boku Superfuel – A Superfood Energy Drink

boku superfuel

The Boku Superfuel is a hybrid between a superfood powder and a tea-based energy drink. It’s highly nutritious, and designed with the intent of improving physical performance in whatever dimension you need.

Boku has a very good reputation, and I’m happy to report this product lives up to its expectations and is definitely a unique product that fills a gap no one in the supplement industry currently occupies.

The detailed review is inside.

Pure Synergy Review: A Very Robust Superfood Powder

pure synergy

The Pure Synergy Superfood has been around for about 30 years and developed a bit of a reputation in the process. The word of mouth on it is that it’s pretty darn good…..or at least that’s what they say.

On the surface, there’s a lot to like about it: strong and diverse set of ingredients, organic certification, and strong control over the manufacturing process.

For these reasons and more it turns out that as far as green superfood powders go, it ranks right near the top.

Superfood SMACKDOWN! Essential Greens vs. GoGreens vs. Barleans

superfood smackdown

Due to some reader response, here’s an in-depth comparison of some different greens powders that are currently on the market.

It provides detailed pictures, charts, and ingredient comparisons, and a little bit of my own subective opinion.

Read more inside to find out who the winner was!

Greens Plus Superfood: The Redwood Oak of Superfood Powders

greens plus

Today’s review is about the Greens Plus original superfood blend. It’s a long tenured product that’s gradually made its way into different store shelves and across the world.

Inside we’re going to talk about its best ingredients (japanese green tea leaf and dunaliella salina), how to use it, and smoothie detox recipes to mix it with!


Greens Powders, Meal Replacement Powders, and Whole Food Vitamins: Do You Need All Three?


Lately I’ve been on the receiving end of questions about the merits of one supplement or the other.

Consistently I’ve noticed a commonality among them: meal replacementt powders and greens powders are being conflated as the same thing.

This is not always the best way to think about these products, since their cost and benefits can vary significantly.

So here’s a useful guide on how to compare these three important types of supplements.