Your New Best Friend: The Superfood Picker – Algorithmically Compare Greens Powders

superfood picker

Folks, a momentous occasion is upon us.

The way we evaluate greens powders will never be the same.

The rules of the game are forever changed.

Waive a joyous “Goodbye!” to the days of aimlessly sauntering through megabytes of low-quality buzzword-stuffed articles to find product information.

Say an exuberant “Hello!” to using the power of machine learning to objectively evaluate your preferences and get a customized recommendation in 60 seconds or less.

The future is here.

Are you ready?

Shakeology: An Informative Review


Today we review Shakeology.

A fun endeavor because, in addition to using it, it allowed me to take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of what the internet once was.

Green foods, feel-good nostalgia, and the world’s most saucy marketing hacks all in one!

Read on, if you think you can handle the fun……..

Review: Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink

trader joes super green drink

Our greens-powder-world-tour brings us our next contestant: The Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink.

It’s green.

It’s affordable.


All the nutty details inside!

Review: True Vitality Plant Protein Shake

true vitality

My to-do list for the day read like this:

1). Call Mom
2). Remember to take out the trash
3). Do laundry
4). Write review for the True Vitality Meal Powder

My room’s still a mess, but luckily for you guys I managed to get around to #4 on my list.

(And I did manage to send mom an e-mail).

And about True Vitality?

Vegan. Probiotic. Inexpensive.

And algae oils…….oh, algae oils!

Lecithin: The Ultimate Guide – What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You

sunflower lecithin

Someone just dropped the “C” word on one of our product pages.

If you own a health food company that’s like PR ebola.

Here’s a more detailed response to the concerns raised by the original comment.

Review: Garden of Life Perfect Food RAW

garden of life perfect food raw

The world of green drinks is rapidly proliferating into all corners of life.

There are at least 12 different varieties when you walk into a grocery store. You see them at local farmers markets. You see your favorite celebrity drinking one. You see one at that’s guaranteed HELP YOU DROP THE POUNDS SO QUICKLY YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOU EVER TRIED ANYTHING ELSE!

So amidst all this greens-inspired hoopla how do we separate the signal from the noise?

A good place to start is by examining companies that have been around for a long time and see what they do best.

A great example of that would be Garden of Life, and it’s Perfect Food product.