The Health Nut’s Guide To Eating At Starbucks

Starbucks Iced Constantine Coffee

Despite my sometimew low opinion of Starbucks groupies, I’ve slowly come around to the fact that I’m becoming one.

I hate working at home, and gosh darn it, there’s just no easier place to be amongst people while you quietly go about your work.

But is the food at Starbucks good for you?

Gosh no!

Here’s a rule based guide that’ll allow you to minimize the caloric impact of your orders even if you can’t tell a macchiato from a frappuccino.

Why Web Applications Can’t Do Much For Your Health

iphone applications for your health

For years the diet and health space has been full of terrible advice. It mostly revolved around false praise for foods, techniques, and quirky dietary habits that proclaimed health benefits that simply weren’t there.

However, the 21st century has made room for a new phony messiah: iphone apps.

Why Addiction Is Critical to Success

the benefits of addiction


It’s the goal of every marketer, and its vices seem to be lurking around every corner.

It’s painted as an evil by product of commercial society, but the truth is…….it’s hard to succeed without it.

Interview With Shirley Skiebe, Vegan Cook, Author and Proprietor of Basically Vegan

Shirley Skiebe Basically Vegan

Lots of people would consider going on a vegan diet if they knew how.

But the truth is, making the switch can be a lot of work. What foods do you eat? How does it affect your daily habits?

To help fill in the gap, vegan cook Shirley Skiebe is spilling all the dirty details.

How Do We Decide What To Eat?

person shopping at supermarket

Human behavior is a tough nut to crack. We do what we do for a lot of reasons, and our actions towards food is no different.

This poses a great difficulty for those who give themselves the responsiblity of “nudging” peoples eating behavior.

In fact, it’s made them a dismal failure.

The Only Reason You’ll Ever Need To Switch To A Plant Based Diet

plant based diet

It’s a scary fact about the way americans eat.

Just read it.