Three Food Issues for 2013 That’ll Inspire or Depress You


Another year, another year.

Most people seem to think the state of food sucks, with disagreement only coming from which areas of failure are most important. Obesity? GMO’s? Animal treatment?

We’re all crusading towards Armageddon, it’s only a question of what’ll get us there first.


The future’s uncertain, and it’s hard to tell if danger is real or hallucinated, but here are three important issues facing the human race in 2013.

Thinking Clearly About Cancer: 5 Important Ideas You Need To Get Right

cancer issues

Cancer, cancer, cancer. It’s everywhere…..but surprisingly not what we think it is.

Our tribal minds have turned it into a well defined enemy that we march against, but most popular reconstructions of the disease are missing the most important points.

So what is cancer? How does it work?

Here are some guidelines for getting the idea right.

A Response To Dr. Schulze

Oh, dear. I stepped into a pile.

And even worse yet…’s my own fault!

Ouch. I hate stupid, especially when it pertains to me.

I made a few editorial errors a while back which have just recently bubbled up to the surface.

The corrections were made a while ago, but for anyone interested here’s my $0.02.

The Link Between Smell and Taste

What Affects Your Sense of Hunger? Salon magazine has a decent interview on your sense of smell, and how it affects what you want to eat:  I began to realize that increasingly smell was for sensing the flavor of food. It goes almost unrecognized as we eat our food because we think it all comes […]

How The News Can Mislead You

Bad news

Most health magazines read in a similar fashion:

“New study finds X causes Y”

The implication is that some unusual nutrient or ingredient now has some unexpected significant outcome.

That makes for interesting reading, but it doesn’t mean the message is worth a hoot…….even if the news is accurate.

Healthy And Delicious Stories

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A curated collection of stories from around the web.

What’s covered?

Being and staying in vegan in difficult circumstances.

The problems with PETA.

The empathetic abilities of animals,

And what’s really helping people eat more greens.