The Key to Fighting Cancer? Knowing What Makes A Cancer Cell Tick.


Much like cholesterol, cancer is a commonly confused term.

The big misunderstanding is that it’s not a monolithic disease like polio, or hepatitis that has a well defined cause. Cancer’s like a grab bag of 10,000 different abnormalities that result in irregular cell growth.

But they do all have one thing in common.

Death by Food Pyramid: A Manifesto For Thinking About Health In the 21st Century

death by food pyramid

Just finished reading the book Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger and really liked the book a lot.

Inside is a more detailed review about the book’s best points, and why it’s a refreshingly sensible and open-minded look at the world of food choices.

Saturday Morning Video: How Being Cold Helps You Lose Weight and Fight Disease

Does it sound fluky and dumb to think you could lose weight and fight heart disease by simply being cold?

I do.

But here’s a fascinating video that explains how exposure to cold weather could be enough all by itself for most people to maintain a healthy body weight.

How Badly Are Statins Overprescribed?


The American Heart Association just released their new guidelines for cholesterol management.

Their diagnosis? With the help of a predictive algorithm, it’s been determined that we all need to be taking a statin. Or at least about 70 million of us.


When Calories Aren’t Calories: How Your Treadmill Lies to You


Calories aren’t always calories.

I mean, they are calories, but they’re not easily measured.

And they’re not always a useful guide to how good your workout is……

Two Startling Facts About Weight Gain


We all know weight loss can be really hard.

However, here are two recently discovered facts which display the issue in a very curious light.