Juicing, Blending, and Fiber.

juicing fiber

I’ve been a life long juicer and irrationally cherish it as a daily habit. We all have our weaknesses. It keeps my energy levels high and gives me a strong “rush” for about 3-4 hours after consumption.

But it does have one fatal flaw: it takes out the fiber. You kind of need that stuff.

So with that said, here are a few easy ways to step around this dilemma and keep yourself going strong.

Why Juicing Is A Cheap Way to Improve Your Health

juicing produce

Some people complain that juicing is expensive. That’s not true. It’s cheap!

You just have to buy the right produce and continually bite off as much as you can chew, and no more. Lots of people get started too quickly.

Here’s a guide to help you choose your produce so that you shouldn’t have to spend more than $20-$30 a week.

Juicing and Weight Loss: The Subjective Truth

juicing weight loss

Is juicing good for weight loss?

Well….kind of. It, like……sort of depends.

There are simple rules of thumb that can almost guarantee it’ll help you on your way, but the trouble starts when out of shape people get ahead of themselves.

Like newbies at the gym who injure themselves from doing too much, newbie juicers face the dange of jumping right into a fast without really knowing what they’re doing.

How To Use Incredible Greens on a Juice Fast

Jonathan going on a juice fast

A popular reason for buying Incredible Greens is to use it as a compliment on their juice fast.

Whenever I talk to customers about it I often have concerns about their approach that don’t get verbalized.

So here’s a quick answer to everyone I’ve spoken to about how you should and shouldn’t use Incredible Greens while juicing.

The Key To A Successful Juice Fast: Don’t Do It!…..Yet

juice diet

The Juice Fast has gained traction because it has a perception of being a buck-shot of dietary “oomph” that’ll get you detoxified, energized and slim.

There’s some truthiness to these assertions but that doesn’t mean lots of people don’t mess it up.

In my own experience here’s the biggest thing people do to derail themselves……

The Juicer Manifesto: Choosing the Best One For A Fast and Everything Else


Successful juicing revolves around one critical step: finding the right juicer.

Ya gotta do it right.

Luckily it’s not too complicated if you have a good idea of how much you’re going to use it.

And the good news is you can get a great juicer for less than $300, a very good one for less than $100 and you can even get a usable one for less than $50.

Just ask yourself the following questions….