Lecithin: The Ultimate Guide – What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You

sunflower lecithin

Someone just dropped the “C” word on one of our product pages.

If you own a health food company that’s like PR ebola.

Here’s a more detailed response to the concerns raised by the original comment.

Why Your Multivitamin Sucks

When it comes to your vitamin four quarters doesn’t equal a dollar.

If you use a large variety of suboptimal forms of vitamins the net effect is basically nothing. To get the true effect you have to be all in.

Here are the best forms to use for each major nutrient.

10 Natural Remedies You Need to Treat Depression


Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder in the world.

A depressing fact about depression is that if you’re depressed, it’s likely to occupy 8 years of your life. That’s a long time to be depressed!

Lots of people are prescribed antidepressants, including people who don’t technically have the condition.

These drugs can be very useful, but they have different effects on different people. Some of them for better, some of them for worse.

For people who might be looking for a natural alternative to mood regulation, look no further. Let’s open the hood and see what kind of remedies mother nature has provided us to alleviate our mood.

The Effect Smoking Marijuana Has on Your Body – 5 Surprising Facts

smoking pot

Medical marijuana is legal in 37 states and recreational marijuana legal in 2.

There’s a lot of chatter about those numbers getting larger in the coming years.

It’s hard to consume information about marijuana use that’s devoid of stereotypes. The people who use it are either stoners or sinners.

The way it makes you feel are obvious but there’s surprisingly few guides about what risks or benefits come from inhaling it regularly.

The truth is a little surprising.

The DIY Guide to Detox

six pack

Life comes at you fast.

So do the chemicals needed in order to make it happen.

Toxin exposure is all around us as our sensory systems are routinely crop dusted by dioxins, phthalates, surfectants, herbicides, and just cleanliness in general.

Your body does naturally cleanse itself, but it can also get overloaded from time to time.

So how can you tell whether or not you need to rid yourself of impurities……and how do you do it?

To Veg or Not to Veg? 4 Hidden Gaps in the Herbivore Diet


Being a vegetarian is great. I was one for four years and experienced good health benefits while I did it.

Most of the perceived drawbacks of being vegetarian are usually not true. Vegetarians have strong bones, get enough protein, and actually have the benefit of getting less heme iron than the population at large.

But can it possibly be true that being vegetarian…..awesome as it may be…..might eventually lead you to miss out on a few ingredients that you really need for optimum health?