Folate, Folic Acid and Methyl Folate: The Scintillating Truth


Folic acid is used synonymously with folate but lots of people don’t understand the differences between the two.

Folic acid is a specific molecule. Folate is a generic term.

Folic acid is made in a lab. Folate usually refers to what you find in greens.

Understanding these details has mind-melting implications for your health.

Come, let’s explore them some more.

Why Some Dairy Fat Raises Cholesterol, and Some Doesn’t

milk fat

Good morning everyone.

Today we have an exciting topic to explore: whether or not the saturated fat in dairy products actually raises cholesterol.

The association between eating saturated fat and seeing your cholesterol numbers go up a tick has always been rock solid, but it’s possible the presence (or absence) of a particular compound in dairy products is responsible for this effect.

To explain the issue further please allow me to bring your attention to Dr. Ulf Risérus, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden who’ll answer important questions for us about this research.

Why I Walk Around Shirtless…….And You Should Too


I have taken to sunbathing while commuting throughout NYC proper.


I’ll give you two choices:

A). I’m fishing for cat calls from incensed drivers

B). I want to take advantage of the summer sun to beef up my vitamin D levels.

Which one is it?

Johnny, I’ll take B for $32,000!

How to Remove Caffeine From Your System


Coffee’s great.

But most people drink over 30 gallons of it every year.

What should you do if you can’t kick your java habit?

Know how to make sure your body can handle it.

How Garlic Can Keep the Coronary Bypass Surgeon Away



What comes into your head when you read that word, gratuitously typed in all caps?

Bad breath? Farts that smell even worse? 14th century witch doctors getting sent to the crucible?

Something that’s very good for you in spite of all these things?

Probably yes, yes, yes and YES!

I’m not much of a shaman, so I’ll stay away from that.

But I do know a thing or two about herbs.

And garlic might be useful if you have an achy, breaky heart, among other things.

Using Rhodiola for Sex, Fun and Profit

rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola’s a very useful herb for toning down your mood, putting some extra pep in your step, and living life with a little more clarity.

I also wish the 10 year old me had known more about it, for reasons I’ll elaborate inside…….