7 Misconceptions That Derail Supplement Entrepreneurs

wrong way


Notice something not-quite-right about my greeting?

If you’re paying attention you ought to notice that I’m blending two ideas that seem to fit, but are actually categorically different: one phrase is spanish, the other french.

…….And what does this have to do with starting a supplement company?



Because people frequently confuse ideas that seem like they ought to go together…..but in fact they don’t.

The consequences of committing these mistakes in your business endeavors is carnage and bloodshed.

Here are the 7 most egregious gaffes I see people make in the business.

Read on if you want to avoid being a lamb that innocently walks into the slaughterhouse.

How to Talk To A Manufacturer Without Sounding Like An Idiot


About 93.4% of people who go looking for a supplement manufacturer don’t know what they’re doing.

What makes their ignorance even worse is that it’s of the Donald Rumsfeld variety: they don’t know what they don’t know.

I usually get annoyed listening about what they want and I don’t even have any expectation of making money off of them!

And unfortunately there’s really not a good place to find out the birds and the bees.

Until now!

Here’s an introductory 101 course on how to converse with manufacturers.

Please, do read before submitting your quote.

New Tool: The Formula Analyzer – Price, Source and Manufacture Your Health Supplement In One Step

formula analyzer

A new, exciting tool for those of you looking to create your own health supplement.

If you’ve tried to get a quote back from a manufacturer you’ve probably noticed that it usually takes an atrociously long time to hear back from them.

2+ weeks is not at all uncommon.

I quickly found this out, got annoyed, and built something that I hope will solve a problem for myself and others in my shoes.

The formula analyzer lets you price your formula, and also comes with a curated directory of suppliers and manufacturers to help you get the ball rolling.

Prymal Interview: Living in the Woods, How Not to Talk With Vegans, and the Best Text Books

caveman interview

Podcast Time!

This is an hour long interview I did with a consulting client of mine about the ins and outs of the supplement industry, general business advice, methylation, what pissing out sulfur means for your health,

and most importantly……


All that and more inside. Hurry up!

Introducing the Health Kismet Forums – For Entrepreneurs, Customers, And Everyone In Between


I started a message board.

I love message boards!

They’re the highest form of internet communication.

Forget Facebook. Move over Twitter.

Message boards allow for the purest form of knowledge transmission, and there’s something about their stripped down aesthetic that makes it easier to talk about issues with a depth that doesn’t happen elsewhere.

So I’d like to invite you to join.

More details inside.

8 Points to Think About Before Choosing A Supplement Manufacturer

supply side west

Finding a manufacturer is a very common hurdle for new supplement companies to get over.

They exist in a fragmented landscape that provides no consolidated information or easy methods of comparison.

This is actually a good way to get a comparative advantage because it means you can take advantage of asymmetrical information, but that doesn’t make it any less of a pain when you’re trying to get off the ground.

To make matters worse most of the people who are looking for one don’t know what they’re talking about and make things more difficult for themselves.

So here’s a quick and dirty guide on how to vet them with some specific names at the end to help you on your way.