The Nutraceutical Industry From the Outside Looking In: What Are You Getting Wrong?


When people ask about my services I give them a questionnaire.

I’ve been doing this for 3 years.

And in that time I’ve noticed there are 7 relevant issues companies routinely face.

This is what they are, and how you ought to think about them.

The Making of Incredible Mood Pt. 2: Development & Marketing

incredible mood

Second installment in our “Making of Incredible Mood” series.

More insights, pedantic e-mail conversations, and silly mistakes by yours truly.

Equal parts revealing, insightful and contentious.

The Making of Incredible Mood Pt. 1: Manufacturing & Formulation

incredible mood

The past is much more enjoyable when you can replay it with the benefit of hindsight.

In the present……it’s usually a bit of a crunch. Deadlines, budgets, angry customers, angrier girlfriends, fits of deep thought that move you to spontaneous sets of pushups in the middle of the night……the tyranny of the present can move a man to unusual means.

So with the day-to-day angst of Incredible Mood out of the way, let’s step back, kick up our feet, and replay the story of its becoming, shall we?

It comes in two parts. Here’s the first.

Curcumin: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

curcumin suppliers guide

Curcumin made its way from tandoori to tablet pretty damn fast. It’s the best selling herbal supplement in the world.

Startling fact: did you know most supplementary curcumin is useless?

Special steps have to be taken to make it bioavailable, otherwise you just poop it out.

That’s where specialized forms of curcumin come in……..they take extra steps to make sure it gets out of your tummy.

Here’s a detailed look at how the five biggest suppliers compare to one another, and what they get right and wrong.

New Endeavor: Health Kismet Consulting

The past few years I’ve dabbled on the side as a consultant. The endeavor has gradually grown, despite me not putting a lot of effort into marketing it.

Today that officially stops.

Health Kismet Consulting is officially here and it offers a lot of unique solutions to companies in the natural products industry.

Read on to find out more!

How Product Testing Works In The Supplement Industry

health supplement testing

Despite the publicity it receives, product testing and verification in the supplement industry is not very well understood……even if you work in product testing and verification in the supplement industry.

So today….the madness stops. We. Shall. Understand.

If you make it through this article without nodding off before the end you ought to know more about how it works than 90% of people who work in the industry.

Yes friends, let’s peek behind the curtain and see if the Mighty Oz is wearing any pants or not.