Juicing Guide Preview: 30 Day Plan With Grocery Lists and Recipes

The video course I was planning for the end of summer is finally about ready.

It’s not 100% perfect, but is just about ready to go.

Most of it will be released soon, but here’s an introduction video to the course.

Health Kismet’s 2013: Year in Review and What’s Next


Do you like those nosey “What actually happened in 20xx” sort of posts?

The kinds that spill lots of gory details about what a company’s up to even though it’s probably none of your business?

So do I.

So here’s this post for Health Kismet’s 2013.

Incredible Greens is Temporarily Sold Out. (Update: Back on Sale!)

Incredible Greens

For the time being, Incredible Greens is sold out.

It’ll be back on sale around December 16th (give or take a day or two in either direction).

Sorry about this, but sales simultaneously increased while processing times began to lag a little bit.

Things’ll be back up and running shortly. Thanks!

How To Use Incredible Berries and Incredible Greens Together

incredible greens berries

People are curious about how to best use Incredible Greens and Incredible Berries together.

Do they do the same thing? Should I take both? Can I take too much of them if taken together?

These are natural questions and I probably haven’t done a very good job of explaining how they’re different and how they’re the same.

So here’s my best attempt.

Incredible Berries Is Here! Save 50%.

Incredible Berries

Health Kismet’s second product Incredible Berries has arrived.

It’s the companion product to Incredible Greens, and packs 40+ condensed red foods, herbs, greens, minerals, and roots into the mixture.

Even better, you can get a 50% discount if you want to try it out.

Details inside!

What’s Next for Health Kismet

jonathan bechtel

Talking about future plans is tricky, because their execution always seem to bring new problems. So I usually keep my mouth shut. But in this case, here are three developments that look pretty close to fruition.