The Pet Obesity Epidemic

It’s almost as bad as humans:

If a pet does become overweight or obese, a more focussed approach is needed. Again, your local vet clinic is the best place to visit to get this sorted out. Many vet nurses have a special interest in animal nutrition, and have had extra training so that they’re well equipped to help you solve the problem.

Some nurses even run “obesity clinics” for pets, with plump poodles and fat cats sitting side by side in the waiting room. First, each pet is weighed, to establish the severity of the problem. Next, a diet-and-exercise regime is designed, personalised for each animal.

The full link is here.

After reading the whole story, I began to associate obesity with global warming. The problem is simple to define, but its causes are rooted in so many nooks and crannies of our lifestyle, choice environments, and daily trade-offs that treating the problem on a public level is darn near impossible.

I’d also add that the heightened mood affiliations surrounding each topic probably raise anxiety and obscure an acceptance of the problem that would reduce the collateral damage caused by both issues.

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