Saturday Morning Video: How Being Cold Helps You Lose Weight and Fight Disease

Here’s an interesting video about a NASA scientist who lost weight and fought off lifestyle disease by giving himself adequate exposure to cold weather.

It sounds quacky, but seems much more plausible once he explains it.

Some interesting points:

1).  Being cold forces your body to burn more calories to maintain your internal body temperature, hence its health benefits.

2).  He’s not sure exercise is necessary for most people

3). He thinks meat is not necessary for human health and people ought to be vegetarian.

4).  Also an interesting interview with him here.


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  1. tim ferriss talked about this is his book the 4 hour body. it’s an interesting concept and I think taking a cold shower is the best way to get this effect for everyday people.

    if you want an anecdote, when I was in college in Minnesota I took lots of walks late at night with my roommate for one semester and I seemed to lose weight and wasn’t sure why. maybe he’s got a point.

  2. This is interesting but he doesn’t say anything about how much you have to do. what is the best way to do this? Does a cold shower really work?

    • Sherry I’m not sure if a cold shower really does work I just recall something being said to this effect somewhere….I haven’t tried it and don’t do it regularly. I personally really like my hot showers 🙂

      • Jonathan Bechtel says:

        As another anecdote, my only experience with cold showers is that I’ve used them from time to time as a way to give myself an energy boost.

        It forces a lot of your muscles to contract all at once, and really awakens all your senses. I don’t have the stomach to do it all the time, but it can be fun once in a while. Google “Scottish Shower” if you want to know what I’m talking about.

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