Why Some People Get Fat and Others Don’t

skinny and chubby

I used to have a girlfriend who felt terrible about the fact that she needed to lose ten pounds. So she relentlessly did cardio at the gym.

Her scale would nudge a little bit, but not enough to make her happy.

Then she’d slip up on her ultra militaristic exercise regime and go into a funk for her lack of discipline.

Years later I realize it wasn’t her fault. She just wasn’t doing things the right way.

Here’s why.

Why I Love Eggs and You Should Too


When I was a kid eggs were uncontroversial, cheap, and uniformly white.

No one seemed to be complaining about them.

Now the gossip around eggs carries on like an E! daily show after Lady Gaga managed to expose even more of herself in ways we never wanted to see.

However, despite the increase in attention, the truth about eggs has never really changed.

Carry on, wayward son.

Channeling Kris Carr: When Should You Cut Out Your Cup of Coffee?


I recently read an article about drinking coffee by Kris Carr.

It was pretty good, but there were a few parts that weren’t so good.

Bad? No. That’s being a bit too strong. But there were some inaccuracies.

And hey, if you’re anything like me you love a morning cup of jo. So let’s get the story straight about coffee shall we?

Building Your Brand Affordably: When and When Not to Private Label


If you’re starting a supplement company, is it possible to shrink startup costs from $20,000 to $500 and take label design, insurance, and order handling off your tab?

Yes, if you’re willing to make a crucial trade off.

The Ins and Outs of Weight Loss Supplements – And Why You Shouldn’t Take Them

weight loss

Weight loss supplements won’t help you lose weight. At least not very much.

Could they still be useful? Sure, depending on what you buy. At worst they’re inert, and at best some of their ingredients are extremely helpful, albeit over advertised.

Here’s a useful guide for navigating the waters.

The Parasite Action Plan – Why Being Clean Makes You Sick


The arc of our daily lives has evolved to systematically remove pathogens of all sorts from our environment.

It’s resulted in the removal of many diseases that have been a blight on humanity.

But their removal has created one gigantic curiosity.

Autoimmune disorders started popping up right around the same time.

Is that an accident?