To Veg or Not to Veg? 4 Hidden Gaps in the Herbivore Diet


Being a vegetarian is great. I was one for four years and experienced good health benefits while I did it.

Most of the perceived drawbacks of being vegetarian are usually not true. Vegetarians have strong bones, get enough protein, and actually have the benefit of getting less heme iron than the population at large.

But can it possibly be true that being vegetarian…..awesome as it may be…..might eventually lead you to miss out on a few ingredients that you really need for optimum health?


The Diabetic Action Plan: 9 Key Nutrients and Supplements


Diabetes is a sickness that’s creating victims from risk groups that are increasingly bizarre.

It used to exclusively be a disease of the elderly. Now it’s estimated that 1 in 12 people between the ages 20 and 40 will get the condition.

It’s ultimately a lifestyle disease that requires lifestyle change as the primary medicine.

However,diabetics have increased nutritional needs because of their disease which can create other side effects and accelerate the condition.

Here are the nine most important vitamins and herbs for keeping diabetes at bay.

Review: Garden of Life Perfect Food RAW

garden of life perfect food raw

The world of green drinks is rapidly proliferating into all corners of life.

There are at least 12 different varieties when you walk into a grocery store. You see them at local farmers markets. You see your favorite celebrity drinking one. You see one at that’s guaranteed HELP YOU DROP THE POUNDS SO QUICKLY YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOU EVER TRIED ANYTHING ELSE!

So amidst all this greens-inspired hoopla how do we separate the signal from the noise?

A good place to start is by examining companies that have been around for a long time and see what they do best.

A great example of that would be Garden of Life, and it’s Perfect Food product.

The Secrets of Sourcing: 5 Insights From the Ingredient Marketplace

ingredient marketplace

What types of ingredients go into a supplement is crucially important. Important enough to win over life long customers, and important enough to attract lawsuits like a metal pole in a thunderstorm if big mistakes are made.

Despite this importance (or maybe because of?) there’s usually a veil of secrecy about where ingredients come from for a lot of products.

Here’s a primer about how the process works from one of the biggest ingredient marketplaces in the country.

Natural or Not? What’s Good and Bad About the Organic Standard

organic farming

The organic standard is what the lay public uses to determine food purity.

Any nationally sanctioned set of rules is going to come with a set of tradeoffs that aren’t going to please everyone and miss the mark in some important ways.

So after 14 years what can we make of the organic standard?

The 21 Most Important Questions About Starting A Supplement Business

starting a business

Every new business is unique, but there are certain obstacles which repeat themselves for most new endeavors.

In the supplement industry this boils down to 21 different issues.

This is what they are.