7 Misconceptions That Derail Supplement Entrepreneurs

wrong way


Notice something not-quite-right about my greeting?

If you’re paying attention you ought to notice that I’m blending two ideas that seem to fit, but are actually categorically different: one phrase is spanish, the other french.

…….And what does this have to do with starting a supplement company?



Because people frequently confuse ideas that seem like they ought to go together…..but in fact they don’t.

The consequences of committing these mistakes in your business endeavors is carnage and bloodshed.

Here are the 7 most egregious gaffes I see people make in the business.

Read on if you want to avoid being a lamb that innocently walks into the slaughterhouse.

Your New Best Friend: The Superfood Picker – Algorithmically Compare Greens Powders

superfood picker

Folks, a momentous occasion is upon us.

The way we evaluate greens powders will never be the same.

The rules of the game are forever changed.

Waive a joyous “Goodbye!” to the days of aimlessly sauntering through megabytes of low-quality buzzword-stuffed articles to find product information.

Say an exuberant “Hello!” to using the power of machine learning to objectively evaluate your preferences and get a customized recommendation in 60 seconds or less.

The future is here.

Are you ready?

Incredible Mood Pre-Sale. Save 40%. Free Shipping. Lots of Prizes.

incredible mood

Exciting news: Our next product is almost out and I’m giving away as many gimme-gimmies as I can to get you to try it.

It’s the ultimate bad-mood-buster: organic herbs and high potency vitamins to zap bad moods. It can be done folks.

40% discount. Free shipping. Free $45 supplement included with every order. More prizes for larger orders (including a skype interview with me). And a contest to give away a year’s worth of free products in any combination you’d like.

More details inside.

Folate, Folic Acid and Methyl Folate: The Scintillating Truth


Folic acid is used synonymously with folate but lots of people don’t understand the differences between the two.

Folic acid is a specific molecule. Folate is a generic term.

Folic acid is made in a lab. Folate usually refers to what you find in greens.

Understanding these details has mind-melting implications for your health.

Come, let’s explore them some more.

Why Some Dairy Fat Raises Cholesterol, and Some Doesn’t

milk fat

Good morning everyone.

Today we have an exciting topic to explore: whether or not the saturated fat in dairy products actually raises cholesterol.

The association between eating saturated fat and seeing your cholesterol numbers go up a tick has always been rock solid, but it’s possible the presence (or absence) of a particular compound in dairy products is responsible for this effect.

To explain the issue further please allow me to bring your attention to Dr. Ulf Risérus, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden who’ll answer important questions for us about this research.

Shakeology: An Informative Review


Today we review Shakeology.

A fun endeavor because, in addition to using it, it allowed me to take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of what the internet once was.

Green foods, feel-good nostalgia, and the world’s most saucy marketing hacks all in one!

Read on, if you think you can handle the fun……..