No Society, No Problem! How to Live Off The Grid

live off the grid

Something new…….and slightly off-topic,

I’ve given up some of the accoutrements of daily life so I could start roughin’ it.

It’s mostly good, but not something I’d do all the time.

What’s it like living in a log cabin?

Details inside.

Four Tests to Determine The Root Cause of Depression

depression tests

Mood disorders are fairly common these days, but they’re often symptoms of other issues.

Having a bad diet, underactive thyroid, or an autoimmune illness can masquerade as a mental health issue if they go unchecked.

Here are four tests to take if you’re struggling with the blues and want to pinpoint its root cause.

Using Rhodiola for Stress, Endurance, Sex, Fun and Profit

rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola’s a very useful herb for toning down your mood, putting some extra pep in your step, and living life with a little more clarity.

I also wish the 10 year old me had known more about it, for reasons I’ll elaborate inside…….

Review: True Vitality Plant Protein Shake

true vitality

My to-do list for the day read like this:

1). Call Mom
2). Remember to take out the trash
3). Do laundry
4). Write review for the True Vitality Meal Powder

My room’s still a mess, but luckily for you guys I managed to get around to #4 on my list.

(And I did manage to send mom an e-mail).

And about True Vitality?

Vegan. Probiotic. Inexpensive.

And algae oils…….oh, algae oils!

When Folic Acid Kills

If you’re a kid, geezer, pregnant, slob or lush you probably drink folic acid from a fire hose without realizing it.

And hey, in a lot of ways…..this is all fine and dandy.

It prevents us from ending up with birth defects that give us the lumbar system of Quasimodo. I like that.

However, the machinery our bodies use to process folic acid are often overtaxed, leaving a lot of the unmodified stuff floating around in our blood.

Is it possible we have too much of a good thing?

The Contact Form Was Broken. I Didn’t Notice.


My head is full of hot, hot air.

For the last six weeks we’ve been forwarding all e-mail messages sent through our contact form to a phantom e-mail address.


That didn’t work out well. At least for you guys.

I on the other hand, have had an easy 42 days.

I was wondering why everyone all of a sudden stopped having problems.

Of course my big ego led me to believe that I was just doing an awesome job at being MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

As usual with these things, I was deeply mistaken.

Cripes, I’m sorry :(