Old Girls Have More Fun

While beauty declines with age, apparently other things don’t:

Sexual satisfaction in older women is associated with successful aging and a better quality of life, a new study finds.

Researchers looked at information gathered from over 1,200 San Diego women, aged 60 to 89, and found that satisfaction with overall sex life was reported by 67 percent of those aged 60 to 69; 60 percent of those aged 70 to 79; and 61 percent of those aged 80 to 89.

“Contrary to our earlier hypothesis, sexual satisfaction was not significantly associated with age,” study co-author Wesley K. Thompson, an assistant professor of psychiatry with the Stein Institute for Research on Aging at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, said in a UCSD news release.

The full story is here.

While older women might enjoy intercourse just as much (and maybe more) than younger women, they don’t have more of it and are less experimental. A national survey done on the sexual behaviors of women published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that:

Recent solo masturbation, oral sex, and vaginal intercourse were prevalent among women, decreased with age, and varied in their associations with relationship and perceived health status. Recent anal sex and same-sex oral sex were uncommonly reported.

and that overall

Contemporary women in the United States engage in a diverse range of solo and partnered sexual activities, though sexual behavior is less common and more infrequent among older age cohorts.

The gated abstract is here.

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