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Some interesting stories from around the web:

Being a vegan in Mexico. My experience was different from hers, although I wasn’t looking as hard. I had company that was very meat-centric.

Paleo desserts.  Not really any better than regular desserts, but I’m sure are very tasty.

A TED video on the humanistic qualities of animals. I more or less agree. The biggest difference between animals and humans is the way humans incorporate future expectations into their actions. We think dynamically about the future, animals don’t.

The challenges of going plant based (hint: it’s not as easy as PETA makes it out to be).  I liked this piece.

PETA’s approach to veganism is not well suited to converting people who are skeptical of the diet. It is good for rallying the troops and fomenting a group identity. The latter has no interest to me, so I like the approach taken by fooducate.

And why don’t people eat more fresh vegetables?

It’s not because their aren’t enough supermarkets. That was an idea that had a lot of traction 5 years ago, but it turns out people in low-income neighborhoods have access to produce about as much as others do.

Turns out it has more to do with context issues.

But what IS working?

Food carts! They’re sprouting all over urban areas, and are proving to be very successful at delivering all sorts of food, including veggies.  In lots of places there’s a regulatory struggle though.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. shannon elm says:

    we don’t need more supermarkets, we need more education. how can you expect to eat right if you have no idea what that term even means?

  2. Kirsty Carr says:

    We have some food trucks close to where I live and the food is to die for. Some of the best meals in town. I’m not sure how healthy they are but I know everyone enjoys eating there. For late night food it beats Taco Bell 7 days a week.

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