Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?


The 5 billion people worldwide who chat away on cell phones shouldn’t worry about an increased risk of brain cancer, new Danish research contends.

One of the largest and longest studies on the subject finds no more brain tumors among people who had cell phones over 17 years than among people who had no cell phones.

Although no one study can rule out harm with absolute certainty, “the risk, if there is one, is extremely low,” said Dr. Ezriel E. Kornel, director of the Neuroscience Institute at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, N.Y.

The full article is here.

This result is not unique. Most random trials and long-term epidemiological studies show about the same thing. Here are overviews of existing studies here and here.

The only caveat is that carcinogenesis may take up to 40 years to fully develop, so existing studies may not be broad enough in scope.

So you’re safe……for now!


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  1. My teenage daughters thank you for conveying this news.

  2. If there’s a public health issue with cell phones, it’s their effect on drving. There was an article out the other day about a country that banned blackberries, and traffic accidents immediately went down. I think other states have invoked similar measures and the results have been fairly consistent.

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