Mobius Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day?

mobius breakfast

Yo, did anyone else notice the Meal Replacement Space is BLOWING UP?! I sure did.

New startups are bursting onto the scene with each passing week, and today we get to review a unique contestant that’s looking to replace your breakfast.

Everyone, meet Mobius Nutrition.

Vitamin B12: Are You Taking It The Right Way?

vitamin b12

B12 might be a useful supplement for a lot of different people.

Especially if you’re elderly or suffer from an autoimmune condition.

If you’re one of these people insufficient B12 creeps up on you like a cunning predator, closely following you in the shadows for years until its effects finally rear their ugly head and snatch you from the clutches of sanity.

That’s right…..inadequate B12 halts your ability to focus and think clearly.

So if you want to know more about how to use B12 and prevent the nutties, read on.

Phosphate: Are We Secretly Overdosing On It?


The last 10 years has seen an extraordinary push towards food that people feel is “clean.”

No funny sounding ingredients on the label.

Animal treatment that’d make us feel comfortable dropping off our pets there.

Rugged farmers with squared jaw lines and taut, muscular bodies that remind us of Robert Redford.

That’s right………..we’re sick of McFood.

Curiously enough, did you know ALL OF THESE THINGS point towards a common enemy that’s rarely acknowledged?

There’s a mineral causing metabolic madness that’s hiding in plain sight.

Natural Products Expo West: 2 Key Insights, and Why Chia Is Taking Over the World


Just got back from Natural Products Expo West.


My, things are getting pretty intense over there in Anaheim.

Next year I’m expecting a ferris wheel and an organic craps table. It was extremely crowded, a bit overwhelming, and a lot of fun.

Want to know the key takeaway points from the event? Want irrefutable proof about how big the chia seed industry has grown?

Then read on.

My Acid Reflux Sent Me to the Hospital. Here’s What I Did.

go health

The other day my barbecued tofu took a ride around my GI tract and got to come back out to show the world what it found.

Maybe it had a good time, but I certainly did not. Debilitating heart burn IS NOT FUN.

Here’s how it happened, and here’s what I did afterward to make it go away

CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know


Does anyone else find it funny that marijuana’s illegal but concentrated extracts of its active ingredient are not?

The world’s a strange place sometimes.


CBD is a pretty remarkable compound with pretty remarkable health benefits.

So here’s a pretty remarkable review about what it does and how you can buy it.