The Supplement Stack to Make Donald Trump More Presidential

donald trump

Watching the news makes me feel like the internet trolls have somehow found a way to take over the world.

Now they’re on our TV!

And of course no one personifies this behavior more than a certain you-know-who……….

So here’s a quick and easy recommendation for him (or anyone else) that needs to take things down a notch.

The Nutraceutical Industry From the Outside Looking In: What Are You Getting Wrong?


When people ask about my services I give them a questionnaire.

I’ve been doing this for 3 years.

And in that time I’ve noticed there are 7 relevant issues companies routinely face.

This is what they are, and how you ought to think about them.

Probiotics: The Unconventional Guide to Healthy Poop


I’ve always wondered what I would think of humans if I was a probiotic.

How zany would it be if we had these gigantic overlords who grew us in a lab just so we could get flushed through their colon? Talk about bizarre!

We clearly have an unusual relationship with these little critters. One deep with contradictions that I’ll never have the open-mindedness to understand.

…………but here’s my best take.

Meratrim: The Herbal Blend That Slims Your Tummy

magic pills

Weight loss products are a best-selling but much maligned group of supplements.

Is it possible for them to pack any punch or is there simply nothing behind the curtain?

Here’s one secret ingredient that might actually help.

4 Alternatives to CoQ10 That Just Work

CoQ10 Alterntive

CoQ10 is a popular supplement but it’s usually not the best choice for people taking it who aren’t on a statin.

It doesn’t get into your body folks.

Here are 4 molecules that do the heavy lifting of CoQ10 inside the body but soooooo much better!

Tocotrienols: The True Form of Vitamin E


Every once in a while life brings us those unexpected revelations of truth.

Moments that force us to reflect on what we really value and how much of our previously held beliefs are actually true.

Can having a discussion about vitamin E bring us to that point?

Hell no!

………but we are going to talk about its forgotten side and the SHOCKING ways it’s been swept underneath the rug, to the detriment of us all.

If you’ve ever been curious about guzzling pints of Malaysian palm oil and looking for a reason to finally give it a shot…….you’re in luck.