Pyridoxine HCL: Silent Killer or Nature’s Bounty?

pyridoxine hcl


With the Turkey Dinner just around the corner let’s bow our heads and give thanks……..

…….to vitamin B6.

Why’s that, Jonathan?

Because it gives us plenty to be thankful about, as you’ll see inside.

How Product Testing Works In The Supplement Industry

health supplement testing

Despite the publicity it receives, product testing and verification in the supplement industry is not very well understood……even if you work in product testing and verification in the supplement industry.

So today….the madness stops. We. Shall. Understand.

If you make it through this article without nodding off before the end you ought to know more about how it works than 90% of people who work in the industry.

Yes friends, let’s peek behind the curtain and see if the Mighty Oz is wearing any pants or not.

Why I Use St. John’s Wort & Bob Saget to Cope With Anxiety

st johns wort

What do St. John’s Wort and Bob Saget have in common?


They’re both good for improving sentiment, albeit in very different ways.

Together they’re a potent 1-2 punch to combat the blues, HIV, certain forms of cancer and that feeling listlessness when the winter night gets you down.

Read on to find out more…….

Review: Trace Minerals Research Greens, Berries & Chocolate Powders

trace minerals

One more product review to throw in the gristmill.

This one was fun, because it was a 3-for-1.

Today we take a tour of the nutrient powder offerings by Trace Minerals Research.

They’re very deep and balanced.

Come, let’s learn more.

MitoQ: The New Frontier in Mitochondrial Health.

Mito Q

Good afternoon, everyone. Hope you’re doing well.


I’m great, thanks for asking.

Do you lay awake at night wondering if there’s a more targeted version of CoQ10 to improve your mitochondrial health?

Yeah……me too.

So about that…….

5 Health Conditions You Can Treat With High Dose Vitamins

Vitamin A high dose for acne

You’d be surprised what you can do with a $9 bottle of pills from your local drugstore.

Don’t believe me?

Here are 5 acute health issues you can treat with OTC vitamins in large quantities.

It’s true!